1. Submitted this to another site a while back. Looks like people really enjoyed it haha.

    (Source: hell-is-okcupid)

  2. …After I called him(an 18 y/o with no profile) out on our “similar interests”. I found the grammar problems much more offensive than the insults. Sorry, kid.

  3. Sometimes this site really worries me.


  4. Hey what’s up with the nasty old men tonight?


    Same here… but especially 42 year olds who type like they have no education and think I’ll be turned on.



    Giggles and chuckles?


  5. Well damn, I almost fell for it.


  6. Hey guys pass the blunt(ness).

    And let’s not forget how magical my profile can be…

  7. Thanks dude.

  8. Gee how can I refuse that offer?

    Like this.

  10. I think he’s more confused than I am.